Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Africa Trip, Part 2: The Chicken is Finished

It was now time for us to get our seat assignments so that we could leave on the one and only Ethiopian Airlines...

And I'm just going to be honest and tell you that I was more nervous than an Ethiopian lamb sitting next to Sumer Yates with a $50 dollar bill in her hand. 

We were handed our tickets and the Lord allowed me to sit between Sumer & Alicia.  He knew that I needed to feel the security of sitting between two of my best friends to make it through my first 15 hour flight.  Sumer was always prepared to sit next to me during the flight because her exact words were... I prefer to sit next to the crazy that I know.

Mission Trip Tip #2-No one gets on a 15 hour flight without one of these handy dandy neck pillows.  (Tracey-I washed it last night and it's all yours.)

And then it was time for our first taste of Africa. Sumer had mentioned earlier that surely they would not serve fish on the flight because oh, the horrible smell of fish would be trapped on the airplane.

This picture is titled:  The chicken is finished, you must have fish. 

Our tickets were booked at different times so Tabby's seats were not always close to ours.  She had to sit next to a stranger and I felt guilty about this.  (Tabby-God knew that you were more mature then me and more mentally stable.)  Tabby would probably suggest that you make a "do not disturb" sign for your face because they don't care if you're sleeping or not, if it's time to eat, it's time to wake up and eat.

So you may wonder what you do on a 15 hour flight? Some read, some listen to iPods, some watch movies, some talk, some play games and some sleep.  Jesse Lee took this picture, and I have no memory of sleeping in this position. Sumer would tell you that when I did sleep, I layed all over her and then she just had to figure out how to sleep around me.  FYI-Alicia has perfected how to sleep in the upright position without touching your neighbor.  You might want to consult her for a few travel sleeping tips.

I made it through this flight, and I was so ready to finally be in Africa.  Little did I know that my first taste of Africa would be what Africa is really all about....


I know some of you are wondering how long it will take to get to the real reason we went to Africa.  We really do get to work with orphans eventually.  Your patience is appreciated:)

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Nicole @ Four Real said...

I must say, this does not surpirse me at all! I dont even know how anyone slept like that!!!! I would need drugs! :)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all the items you are saving and washing for me. I will not need the Snuggie. Thanks. ;) Although I noticed it has not been offered yet?? How did the eye mask go over with the other passengers? I appreciate all the real details that had to be worked out for you to get there. I also do not eat fish, uh-oh. I would already be in my snacks.


Ashley said...

Your funny... can't wait to see you in Africa.

Heather said...

The WAITING. Oh the waiting! We had to wait for 3 HOURS, upon our arrival, to turn in our LOST bag claims!! B/c even though our flight arrived at dark 30 in the morning, the lost bags guy doesn't have to be at work until late morning! The waiting DID allow us to see them "clean" the airport floors with a WATERING can and squeegee. Oh, those Africans, they're a creative bunch. :)