Monday, November 09, 2009

It's the Et Cetera that has me worried

This past week I set out on a adventure with some members of the Africa mission team to get some vaccinations.  It seems when you go into third world countries, its important to get your shots.  So I had been researching on the internet (it will get you in trouble everytime) for a travel clinic because it seems that the local doctors prefer not to have a bottle of the live yellow fever virus sitting in their fridge.  I also was looking for a bargain on the shotz because their kinda pricey.  Please note: bargain hunting for vaccinations is not advised.

Anyhoo, Alicia, Jesse and I traveled over to Bellevue to a place called Shots Etc.  When I pictured the establishment, I pictured what one might call a traditional medical center with I don't know...maybe a private room.  But a private room it did not have.  In fact, it was in a strip mall.  Ya know the kinda place where you usually find clothing stores and nail salons. 

Not a private room...

This is me getting ready for my shots.  Yes, it is November, and I didn't leave the house with just a tank top on.  I wore a button up shirt over this tank but couldn't push the sleeve up so I had to remove it.  Classy, I know.  Again, please note that this is not a private room but it's an office/patient check-in station/vaccination station/lunchroom....Et Cetera.  If you can serve one patient, why not just serve them all at the same time.
Also, something tells me those Clorox wipes have never been opened.  Why would I think that?  Oh, I don't know, maybe its because my nurse didn't bother to put on a pair of gloves when she administered my shots.  And she was waving those needles around like they were pom-poms.

Alicia didn't get the nice relaxy chair but she did get to sit next to the fridge.  Ya know the fridge that holds the live virus', a Diet Coke and a Lean Cuisine.

Before you get your shots you have to review all the risk.  You get a laminated sheet for every shot you're getting.  I have five sheets because I got five shots.  A certain member of our trip was making fun of me because I was getting every shot that they offered and even suggested I get the hang nail vaccination just to be on the safe side. 

Please count the number of sheets a certain member of our team is holding.  He ended up getting the hang nail vaccination after all.

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Nicole @ Four Real said...

I am just going to say that TW shared this story with us the other night and RE so enjoyed it! HA HA! Can we say MORTIFIED!!! You are crazy!

Erin said...

I sure hope you got a bargain...because Yikes! The CVS minute clinic is not sounding so bad after all!

Robyn said...

As a certified immunizer, can I just say that I can think of a couple regulations that were not followed! Lesson learned here: bargain healthcare is not always a good idea! :) I mean that in a totally nice way!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Not sure how I found you, but I did. Anyway, congrats on your upcoming trip! Katie has definitely inspired me. She's an amazing woman.
Although I've felt God leading me to Africa for the last 20+ years, I'm FINALLY being obedient! I leave for Senegal in 5 weeks!! And I'm currently feeling your pain! I got my Yellow Fever on Tues, and while I was thrilled that it was over in 2 seconds, my arm is now VERY angry with me! I guess there's always a price to be paid. But I went to a county health unit for mine. Don't think I'd have been brave enough to go where you did. ;)Best wishes to you and your group!! May God bless you and all those you help.

Heather T