Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mission Trip Cowgirl

I bought a cowboy hat recently to wear to the TSC youth launch event. I made plans to attend because the student pastor rented a mechanical bull. I figured since I don't hang out in redneck bars this would be my only chance to ride a mechanical bull. Here I am in all of my redneck cowgirl glory...

You can only imagine the pride my parents feel when they see a picture of me riding a bull in front of a cross at the local baptist church.

Some of you may wonder why our student pastor rented a mechanical bull and the only thing I can tell you is that I live in Thompson Station, Tennessee, and I go to Thompson Station Church and that's how we roll.

Anyhoo, back to the hat. I purchased the hat to wear to the youth event but I've been planning on buying this hat for a long time. I've walked by that hat countless times in Tar-jay and told myself that one day it would be mine. And this week, God told me it was time for me to own...

My mission trip cowgirl hat.

You see, I've been reading lots of blogs and one thing I know for sure is this: you must have a really cool hat when you go on a mission trip.

 I give you exhibit A:

and exhibit B:

Please notice that the natives don't have hats on but the mission trip workers do. Obviously, it's a mission trip pre-requisite. Please also notice that some hats are cooler than others. You can also tell that I went with the cool one. I also decided that wherever God sent me to do mission work that I would wear the hat.  Even if He sent me to Russia. I would look silly wearing my mission trip cowgirl hat in Russia, but I would still wear it if that's where God sent me.

Stay tuned to find out where in the world is Big Nanny going?
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Stephanie said...

hmm...guess I missed the memo. I never wore a hat the whole time I was there. But I guess I was lucky as I was there during winter so the sun wasn't quite so harsh on us. ;)