Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy Travel Companion #1

Today is the day you find out about one of the crazies willing to travel with me to the far away land of Africa. She is one of my sweetest friends, and I believe that God placed her in my life so her sweetness would rub off on me.

Meet Sweet Sumer…

The first thing I must tell you about Sumer is that our relationship is based on food, work & Jesus. And not necessarily in that order but sometimes in that order:)  Everything I do with Sumer is planned around the when, where and what we will be eating. If I tell her that we need to meet about something, I know that the next question out of her mouth will be, “So, are we planning to get something to eat on the way?” I’m sure we will have lots of Africa food stories to share.

We first started working together when she showed up at my house because I was looking for some volunteers to join my preschool ministry team. She had no idea what she was getting into the day she said yes and stepped into my world. She has always been willing to take on any project that I’ve cooked up and is constantly challenging me to make everything better. I think most people don’t realize that she is what I like to call a "go BIG or go home" kind of girl.  (So God is sending us to a BIG continent called was either go BIG or stay home.)

She’s also what I like to call “slightly granola” -- because she feeds her kids hotdogs but washes their sweet heads with organic baby shampoo. And yes, that only makes her “slightly” granola and yes, I do make fun of her.

The Lord has allowed us to serve together over the last two years, and she is one of my forever friends.

Please go over to Sumer’s blog and read why she is going to Africa. Also, know that she doesn’t just go around telling this story all the time…I drug it out of her once over tears and a Starbucks.

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