Friday, August 28, 2009

Our trip to Jelly Fish Beach

Just a few pics and captions to share about our recent trip to jelly fish beach...


 summer 09 006

I took the Medium Nanny & the Lil'Nanny to get pedicures the night before we left. 

They got a little bedazzle for free on their big toe, much to Sonja's dismay.


beach 09 001 

We sunbathed like the Hollywood Divas.

(SPF50 was used all around, and I did not come back with my famous Big Nanny burn.)


summer 09 030

Lawnmower Man caught some rolls at Lambert's Cafe.


beach 09 018

I submitted to Lawnmower Man and ate chicken wings at Hoot*rs. 

I was obviously trying to fit in by wearing the orange/brown combo and showing all the strappage. 

Their chicken wings are horrible and nothing like my favorite chicken wing place, BW3s.

Our waitress could seriously not answer any questions about the food on the menu.

Her response to every question was similar to my answer to every Algebra question in high school, "I'm not really sure."


beach 09 006

I did not take my laptop on vacation and turned the email off on my phone. 

This is me accepting the one and only work related phone call that I received.

I thought some people might enjoy seeing "the clip". 


summer 09 018

I had to drag the Lil'Nanny into the water every day because

we had our own little episode of the Fear Factor going on because of these...


jellyfish picture - Copy


Jelly Fish...lots & lots of really large jelly fish.

I've put a square around the ones in the pic.


summer 09 031

Every night the Lil'Nanny was ready to go out and hunt for creatures. 

She likes hunting for prey, she just doesn't want to swim with them.

And this one is just for my memory book:

  The Lil'Nanny wore this outfit out to dinner and when I looked at her and said, "Are you wearing that?"

She said, "Yeah, I'm at the beach, I don't care what I wear."

I never expected to hear her say those words, so I wanted

to make sure that it got recorded in the books.


We also did a little tax-free back to school shopping too, but other than that, all we did was eat, sleep & sit on the beach. 


Teresa said...

What I love about your summer vacations is how you just disappear without warning. We find out days after you've left that you are, in fact, at the beach. You never brag about it for weeks like we all do. : )

And yes, I appreciate seeing "the clip". You wear it well.

Nicole @ Four Real said...

I think I might have to get you some new colors of your clip. Maybe you can have one with each swim suit that matches.