Friday, February 13, 2009

Be Still My Soul

It was six years ago that I was introduced to the sounds of Selah. One of my preschool teachers had given me the Be Still My Soul album (yes, I still sometimes call it an album but it was actually a CD) and I took a little listen to it and thought it sounded good. I thought my friend Tracey might want to listen to it, and I gave it to her when she was leaving preschool one day. She was pregnant with Isaac and she knew that his time on earth would be short so needless to say it was a difficult time. She loved it and eventually purchased her own copy. She gave birth to Isaac on March 7 and he lived for about an hour. She told me that she listened to the CD many times in the following months.

Fast forward a few months later...

On Tuesday, May 20th, I received a phone call from my Dad saying that my oldest brother had died. It was the most difficult experience that my family had ever experienced. It was especially difficult because all of my family was in Michigan and I was here. These are the times when it's hard to be ten hours from your family. I started making arrangements to fly to Michigan, but I could not leave until Thursday afternoon. The next 48 hours were very difficult. There were lots of phone calls, lots of tears and lots of shock. I had a lot of things that I had to get done before I left for Michigan, so I popped that Selah CD into my mini-van CD player and went on my way...every word on this record was like healing oil to the broken hearted. I had never really listened to every. single. word. of Great is thy Faithfulness until that day. It was just a song that I had heard in church my entire childhood... until that day.

I made it to Michigan, our family made it through a funeral and it was time for me to come home again. I left the Selah CD with CraftiMama, and I think that's when she officially placed the CD player in her craft room. Many days she spent there making cards and listening to the words of every song. She said she played it loud. Sometimes your heart needs to hear it extra loud. I think we are now the owners of every Selah CD available.

It's my desert island music. If that's the only CD I can take...that's the one I'm taking. I like it because when they sing, it sounds like they mean it from their hearts. So when I heard that Selah was doing a benefit concert for the Hope Clinic at Brentwood Baptist Church, I knew that I wanted to go, so I emailed my friend Tracey to get the plan in motion. So we're going. Don't ya wanna come too? A girl's night out for a good cause.

I'm going Gold Circle for $'s for a good cause. You can click on the picture above to purchase your ticket or I've heard that you can buy them at the Lifeway Store, too. The Hope Clinic is saving babies and counseling mothers. It's a good cause. Let me know if you'll join us.

Lastly, I saw this video on another blog this morning and thought it needed to go here...

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Anita said...

I love Selah...and part of the reason is that everything that I have read about them indicates they are so totally genuine.

Read the Todd Smith’s (the bald guy) wife’s blog. the blog written by Greg Sponberg (he is the spouse of the blonde former Selah member Nicol)—both families have suffered incredible loss...

Believe it or not, I thought of you and prayed for you when I heard of Billy’s death. (Matt passes on information to me when he knows it involves someone I care about—YOU!)


Anonymous said...

I love Selah. What a trip down memory lane for me. There is pwer in the blood and power when you sing about it. I can't wait and I'll probably sing loud. ;) Tracey