Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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Mamaw said...

Guess I will have to come to Tn in winter again for you to get enough snow to do that again. I've really had my feel of snow this year I went out to shovel. I did the porch ,steps,sidewalk up to steps.
looked at the driveway the long sidewalk out front and as Swiper would say Awwman! (to much Deigo)cabin fever too, said to myself sorry Mr Mailman you'll just have to truge thru this cause I'm not good at working the snowblower and I came back in and if that does't beat the heck out of everything when they plow the street then your driveway will be brocked in it seems funny talking about plowing the street when it should be the back fourty.I guess I should count my blessing I didn't lose my power like some of those poor people did. But as Swiper would say to the weatherman Awwman! not again.I do tend to get long bear with you