Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keeping You Informed: PGDD

I have a condition and it’s very serious. And I feel that I should share it with you so that you will be well informed. That’s what I’m all about here. Keeping you well informed.

Anyhoo, it’s called PGDD or Pre Graduation Depression Disorder. Very real. This condition is similar to the Post Partum Baby Blues. Only mothers can get it. Crying jags. Everyday. The least little thing can set me off. A commercial, a song , a picture, or graduate riding home in my car from church. It doesn’t take much. And I’m not talking a tear or two, I’m talking a full on ugly cry. I can usually feel it coming on and get it under control, but everyday it’s getting harder to deal with.

I have ten more days to deal with this. I know I should be excited. I would really have something to cry about if she were flunking out of school and not graduating…that would be stressful. I should be excited and feel honored to have a straight A, honor class takin’, board game playin’, almost graduate living in my house. But I’m not excited. Not right now. I’m wallering in my PGDD the next ten days. I've been playing that Pomp & Circumstance at that Pre-K graduation for the last seven years and making those mommas cry. And now it's my turn. I hate that music. That music makes me not want to go to the graduation. I would rather go get a bikini wax ice cream than go hear them play that music. I know that it signifies a new beginning. But this week, right now, it signifies the end. You always plan on your child graduating. You just always think it's a long way off.

I know I should be doing some cartwheels because at the end of this very week I will have one less lunch to pack. And we all know that the hardest thing in the world about being a mother is packing that lunch box.

Oh I kid. Not really but that would be an appropriate place to put that sarcastic “Oh I kid” thing that everyone does into my writing.

Oh and then I have this to deal with…

I just hung it up a few weeks ago. I kept it in a box for several months because it was too much for me to take. I know its b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. But she has a black drape and pearls around her neck and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. I didn’t like it the day it happened and I still don’t like it. Not one bit. I have to look at it everyday when I walk through the living room and I don’t like it. Sometimes I just sit on the couch and stare at it. I still don’t like it. It’s taunting me. Nanananabooboo, I’m going to graduate and you can’t stop me. I’ll love it on May 25. But not right now. Not one bit.

Everyday I think…I had the power to hold this child back a year and I didn’t. That was so stupid. Her teachers never recommended that I hold her back a year, but I could have. But I didn’t. All you moms that did that…smart thinkin’. That was a smooth move. Only wish I had thought of it.

I just like to keep you informed. Your day will come Big Nanny blog readers. Your day will come. I will be here to walk you through it. If your child is going to kindergarten in the fall and you are sad. I can’t muster up and ounce of sympathy for ya. Not a single ounce. Because I’m having my own little pity party over here at Big Nanny’s House.

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NC said...

You have me crying right now!!!!!!! Just imagining it makes me cry. Just feeling it for you makes me cry! You are right, she is BEAUTIFUL and she is yours forever! You have done an amazing job with her! Call me if you need to cry! :) LOVE YOU!

Ashley said...

Yes... crying here too!

It must be tough... and honestly I do not like to even go there in my brain... and I will tell you that when I went off to college it started the years in my mom's house known as the "Prozac Years"... not saying you need it, just saying I know how bad it can get.

You have raised a lovely daughter.And there are great things ahead but right now... just hang on to her!

Teresa said...

If she's anything like me (which you know she is) she'll be home every weekend and calling you every night when she goes to college. And then she'll move to another state and get married and you'll follow her and live 30 minutes down the road and babysit for her all the time. And then you'll be Big Grand Nanny.

Go have a swiss cake roll and watch The Office. I guarantee it'll make you feel better if only for a little while.

Love you!

CEU said...

She is so beautiful. Now I have knots in my stomach. That is just pitiful. I have the gift of tears you know. After 10 days, does the "p" in post turn to "post"? 'Cause I don't think it gets better until weekends she comes home and summer breaks.

Me said...

Big Nanny, you're a trailblazer for us all which means that the only advice I have for you is this...

Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra
Hagandaas Sticky Toffee Pudding
The Office from this week
Ahhh, much better.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there girl! Jut think there is always the wedding to think about! But seriously she is a great girl;you have done a fine job. We will all be looking to you for wisdom.


Mamaw said...

I feel you've done all of these things for our girl.Just cry and enjoy.Because she will need these
truths more than ever on her next
path. Just get out all the ugly cry before we come cause three ugly's is really ugly's love you
1. PRAY! The Bible tells us in I Thessalonians 5:17 that we should "pray without ceasing." Every mother can pray for her children. What kinds of things should you pray for? You can pray for safety, provision, direction, wisdom, correction, friendship, good success, comfort, help, healing, understanding, purity, righteousness, good character, and the list goes on and on. Every mother can pray for her children each and every day.

2. ENCOURAGE! Did you know that the word ‘encourage’ literally means to ‘give courage’? Here are three ways that every mother can encourage her children:
a. Kind thoughts (Philippians 4:8-9)
b. Kind words (oral or written ~ Proverbs 12:25; 16:24) I shared with them a precious story about a mother who ministered to her hurting teenage son that you can read here.
c. Kind deeds (a helping hand, a precious gift ~ Colossians 3:14)
Here are some more encouraging Bible verses that may inspire you as you seek to be a good encourager to your children: Proverbs 31:26; I Corinthians 13:4; Ephesians 4:32; Colossians 3:12.

3. BE A GOOD EXAMPLE! No matter what our children are doing or not doing, we can still be doing right. The Apostle Paul reminds us of the value of a mother’s good example in II Timothy 1:5 when he tells us about the good influence that Timothy’s mother Eunice had on his life even though his father was an unbelieving Greek. "When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also." Our children NEED us to be a good example of a Christian that loves and obeys our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. (Galatians 5:22-23 and Titus 2:3-5 list good qualities that every mother should strive to develop in her life)