Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Graduation Festivities, Part One

Well, it was a whirlwind week around here. To keep things simple, I will just do a review in pictures with a little commentary. Okay, maybe a lot of commentary.

This is me with the graduate at the senior/parent Sunday school breakfast at Thompson Station Park on May 18.

Parents and Sunday school teachers pray over each child individually. This picture is what I like to call Sweet Hour of Prayer. During this prayer time you could hear another church singing because they were having church at the park and you could hear the Methodist church bells ringing. It was a very sweet moment in time that I will never forget.

This is Andrea and PT during the senior recognition service. Yes, I walked up on the stage to get this picture because I work there and I can do these things. The perks are endless.

A few days later, I hosted my senior picture carnival. Thank you to: Alicia, Erin, Heather, Ashley, Sonja, and Teresa. Did I get everybody? I was quite pleased with the participation:)

A few days later, Craftymama, Wingtips, Tammy Faye and Sanjayah knocked on the door. Sanjayah saw me and wanted to get the heck back in the car, but everyone else wanted to see me so he had to stay.

This is me and Tammy Faye gettin' our feet did. Tammy Faye was very annoyed that they charged $9 extra to get a french tip. I told her that I don't like gettin' a french tip because it makes my toes look big. I have big toe paranoia.

This is me trying a new recipe. Emphasis on the word trying. I got a recipe from AC and I did something wrong. Something very wrong. If you were at my house on Friday night you know how wrong it was. Yes, I still put this out on the table because I wanted some points for trying. This was supposed to be my big hit recipe of the night. The one they would all be talking about for days to come...how pretty, you made this, where ever did you get this recipe, can I get this recipe, what's in this? Didn't exactly turn out like that, but that's how I planned it in my head.

The next morning the graduate had a senior breakfast and graduation practice so we headed off to...

Yes, of course, we went to Cracker Barrel. Obviously, some people thought we were in Vegas.

Get out of the chairs people. We have places to go, things to get done. Let's get moving. We need to go to...

Yes, we went to the Superb Target. This is Big Nanny's House after all. When in Rome you do as the Romans do. Tammy Faye was quite impressed with the Superb Target.

Later on that night we all went to the graduate's baccalaureate service at the church. Wingtips and Craftymama enjoyed the service. All of it except for the standing. I thought they would think the music was too loud or wouldn't care for the Bible version that was used. Nope, after all these years I find out that they have deep convictions about standing too long during worship. I told them I would bring this up at the next staff meeting. Note to self: Old people like to sing sitting down.

After the service we had a little party for the graduate. Cute black dress. She found it in the back of her closet. Someone gave me this dress. Who gave me this dress? Please let us know in the comments if you were the giver of the dress.

And then, the moment that CraftyMama had been waiting for...she got to meet her favorite blogger.

To be continued...

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Teresa said...

Excuse me but I've stood next to you for years in the choir and I seem to recall the "too much standing" thing has always been a problem for you as well. Perhaps it isn't so much age as it is genetics. You should investigate your lineage and see if perhaps you come from a long line of sitters.

Also, the torte disaster of '08 still pales in comparison to the snickers/apples massacre of '06. Let's keep things in perspective, shall we?

I was sooooo happy to meet my biggest blog fan. She was sweet, gracious and showed the proper amount of adoration. Love Her!

Me said...

If it makes you feel better, I have never noticed any unusual largeness to your big toe. I am somewhat of a "toe watcher" because of some sort of toe phobia I had in elementary school. I thought my big toes were bigger than most; therefore, rendering my shoes open-toeless. I'm over it now as I love me a good peep toe. Maybe on the way to Ridgecrest we can discuss all the big toes that are larger than yours. All in the name of therapy...of course.

Melissa Lee said...

Hey, what is your snicker/apple debacle of '06?? Cause I can make me some gooooooood snicker / apple / whip cream salad. Oh, it's yummy.
Thank God for Cracker Barrel. What else would we do with our families when they come in? Fix for them?????? I think not.

CEU said...

Big Nanny, I just jumped off the phone with FW, because I heard a story that you posted a pic of yourself -COOKING!?!? Low and behold there it is.

My eyes- sometimes when I sit at the computer too long they hurt. Is that truly you at the stove? What happened? You had company you could have called on. Where's Lawnmower Man? Was he injured cutting the yard?

"THAT" was THE torte?!?! Hmmmm......

Amanda Pilkinton said...

The cake and cupcakes are so cute. Thanks for letting me in on the little secret that Target makes cakes that look like Puffy Muffin! I will definitely have to check them out.