Monday, March 31, 2008

Messy Monday

Today I want to start a new little thing on the Big Nanny Blog called Messy Monday. You see on Mondays I don't usually work. I try to catch-up on all the things that I have to do here around the house. I want my blog to be a little more meaningful and helpful. Not that I haven't been helpful...I am the one that told you when Target was open. And I do let you know where to find the best dawgs in this great nation. But I want to do my part in the Mommy Blog World and inspire you to get'er done. Ya know, all that stuff that needs to be done, but you keep putting off. So go pick your project and get'er done. Why don't you post your project on your blog?

Here's my project:

This is the floor of my closet and it has looked like this since I got back from vacation. On Sunday mornings I'm always in a hurry and I tend to just throw stuff all over the place. So this is the project of the day and I'm making this part of the blog so I will actually get it done. Because I know that you'll all come back later to check up on me. Stay tuned for the after pic. (That white thing is a sock not my underwear.)

But for now, I'm off to Target to get some storage containers.

Tip of the day: Don't buy the storage containers until after you start your project so that you can buy the specific size you need. Today I need some containers for purses and flip-flops.

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NC said...

Ok, now you are really convicting me. The kids closets are looking good right now. Most of the rest of the house is "o.k." but OH MY WORD my closet is HORRIBLE! I have been putting it off. Thank you for the pressure. Can't wait to see the after results.

jamn bell said...

Did "house cleaning" myself today at KOK and actually thought of how well organized you kept the place when you were there.
And during this organizational cleaning, I found the album you tried to start a long time ago of all the kiddos. Even found your bunny suit pictures.