Monday, August 27, 2007

A Visit with Sanjaya

On the day I was to pick Misty and Josiah up from the airport, Brianna accidently said, "When is Sanjaya going to be here?" I'm not sure why? They both have J's and American Idol had just recently ended. Here are a few thoughts from Josiah...

Swimming is fun and necessary,

lots of water is needed and I have plenty of people to give it to me,

my crazy cousin feels that playing dress up with me is fun,

and the best part of all...Little Debbie Snacks are served often.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Okay... you must know that I accidentally clicked on you because I KNOW you did not update so I only accidentally check about 1 time a month. LOOK at you!

J is so cute! I know B has fun playing with him!!! And the big birthday... girl I cannot even go there in my head! AND I saw the car in the drive... and I have been wondering. I was thinking you just had a new house mate!