Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Why Rich People Should Not Make Hotdogs

On a recent trip to the beach, we decided to visit the quaint/affluent/trendy town of Seaside, Florida.  The Lil'Nanny and I decided to get a hotdog from Wild Bill's Beach Dogs.  Wild Bill's Beach Dogs works out of silver bullet trailer and I took that as a good sign.  My years of hotdog reviewing and stats have proven that a lower quality style establishment produces a better dawg.

I ordered a hotdog with chili, cheese & onions.

The Lil'Nanny ordered her dawg plain.

Did I mention the sign said the dawgs were organic? That should have been the first piece of evidence to indicate that these would be the worst tasting hotdogs in the world.  Our second piece of evidence was the appearance of the dawg.  It looked like the worst hotdog in the world, but they don't show you the dawg before you buy it.  My third indicator should have been the words...no fillers, no nitrates, no hormones and no antibiotics.  I've done the research and I know that you can't make a good hotdog without those essential ingredients.

But here is the kicker...
Two hotdogs and two drinks cost a total of...$21.65. The economy has been hit hard and this is why the rich have gone to makin' hotdogs.

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