Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Road to the White House

Well, last night, I took a break from the campaign trail to visit a small town church in Tennessee for their annual fall festival. Here I am with my daughter, Piper. I know the media reported that we went trick or treating in Pennsylvania, but do you really think I would let my daughter take candy from strangers in a blue state?

I was quickly greeted by one of my supporters. It was so nice to be in a red state for a change, ya know, where people actually like me. I had the secret service look her up, and you betcha, she has a clean republican voting record and a McCain/Palin sign in her front yard. I also heard that she gave McCain/Palin buttons to her friends. I may have her lead worship at the inaugural ball.

Another one of my supporters. (I love those shirts) This supporter was kind enough to do my updo. I was concerned about a few Ob*ama signs when I was in her neighborhood, yesterday.

The rest of the night was spent thanking everyone for their support because I think the entire church participated in early voting. I also got to kiss a few babies along the way.

Meeting the American people, like this local dignitary.

And those Nascar fans, they might be crazy but their loyal.

And I met Miss America! I met Miss America! Ya know, how it is when us beauty pageant girls get together.

Enjoy the rest of my pictures. The liberal media sure won't be showin' these pictures.

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Lisa said...

Love it! I was going to be S.P. for Halloween too. Your bangs are better than mine for sure. Maybe I can cut them and try it on Tuesday.

Tammy said...

Excellent costume! Love the photo with one of my favorite peeps.

NC said...

I must say, that updo is FABULOUS! But, I suggest if you make it to the White House, The Hair Whisperer should be your first choice. I am also wondering why that man holding that adorable little clown is avoiding getting his picture taken? I'm just sayin'.

Teresa said...

What people can't truly appreciate from these photos is how much you sounded like her. I loved being greeted at the door with "Can I tell you about my homestate of Alaska?" That was all kinds of awesome.

Tonya Lee said...

Why oh why didn't I blow off those family members and come to the fall fest instead? My Winnie and Tigger could've been feature on a presidential blog!

Sapp Family said...

One more thing in common--I have that same rug at your door!

CEU said...

Very clever. Wouldn't have pegged you for a Palin, but you were adorable.