Friday, May 18, 2007

The Prom

Pink Prom Dress: $178
(ok the dress really was a bargain at $99 but when you have to pay $79 in alterations, it's not such a great deal. If she ever wants to compete in the Miss Alabama Pageant, she has a dress.) (If I ever have another big hair/glitzy dress party, I think she's the winner.)Silver shoes to match the sparkly dress: $19

Updo: $4.59
Goody Extra Heavy Duty Ponytail Holders $3
Aquanet $1.59
Stylist: Free (Thanks Fiesty Peep)

This hair lasted for 19 hours. She rolled out of bed the next morning, didn't take a shower, threw on her prom dress and went to church. The hair didn't change much overnight, it was a little stringy, but it held it's shape well. What a sight! but it's a tradition to wear your prom dress to church.

Ride to Prom on Church Bus: $15
Dinner at Outback on way to Prom: $25
Prom Ticket: Free
(if your on the prom planning committee you get a free ticket.)

Going to the Prom with Girlfriends: Priceless
Some new friends, some old friends, some you've known since 2nd grade.